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Newest Features


v2.1 New Features (scroll down)
  • Export to MusicXML. Allows transfer of music files to other music applications such as Sibelius and MuseScore.
Export to MusicXML

  • Change key via Transpose Tool WITHOUT altering notes
Changing Key

v2.0 New Features
  • New instruments added: Scottish Smalpipes (A, D or HP), Bass drum and Tenor drum.

New instruments

  • New Symbol toolbar allowing entry of EUSPBA recommended tenor flourishing symbols.
Symbol toolbar

This toolbar also allows Custom symbols to be added, using any image file, and named for later use:
Custom symbols

  • View and modify instruments from a new Track Panel below the main score (available by pressing ):
Tracks panel

This gives access to Melody instrument tuning, including setting drone pitch and volume of bagpipe instruments:

Instrument properties

Tuning schemes:


  • Export to Wave format (.wav) file. Uses track Pan and Volume settings.
Export to wave file

  • Play GHB scores with chanter sound by single button press.
Quick chanter sound
Makes it easier when practising, particularly if you tune the chanter voice first.

  • New screen to allow better positioning of musical symbols on the score:
Positioning Symbols

  • Edit any loaded CelticPipes GHB format score using BWW notation (for those who may like to use this method to edit a CelticPipes score):
BWW Inspector

  • Sets/Medley format files can be created by combining scores on tabs. Also, BWW sets can now be imported.
Create a set.

  • File Association. CelticPipes can now be invoked from a cep file which now loads the file automatically into the application.
  • Double dotting of notes or percussion strikes for both display and playback. from the usual dot button (Dot button).
  • The Titles and footer sizes can be scaled (manual or auto). This means that if the overall staff size is smaller, the titles will scale accordingly. There is also a manual % setting.
Title scaling

Note also that  the Centre footer can now be used for text other than the page number (if required).

  • Ability to set the value displayed on irregular groups such as triplets.
Tuplet properties
  • New pickup/lead-in/start bar item on Structure toolbar 
  • Better control over export image quality.
Image export quality popup.

  • Line Copy and Line Paste implemented across tabs.
  • Grace note tails can be changed (by selecting note and pressing 8th/16th or 1/32nd note button on Basic toolbar).
  • Many other Fixes and additions (such as cross-head note style, toolbar button enabling/disabling according to selection... etc...)